Why SMEs Prefer SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a software specially developed for small businesses and although there are many similar software out there, companies prefer this one. But why do SMEs decide on this system? To understand why it is necessary to know what are the characteristics of this software.
By learning about its features and finding that they are useful for small businesses, you will also consider the program to be a good option for you. Below we will talk to you in depth about a business management system that has managed to stand out in recent years.

What exactly is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is an ERP software, these acronyms stand for Enterprise Resource Planning. This is defined as an ideal planning system for company resources, since it allows them to comprehensively manage all areas or, at least, most of them.
In an ERP-type program, all the information is centralized in the same database. Thanks to it, the standardization of processes is allowed on a daily basis and with more ease, this streamlines different procedures, including decision making.

In SAP B1 you are offered the resources that your small or medium-sized company needs to improve its productivity, efficiency and profitability. Many SMEs have confirmed that this ERP software is a solution that adapts to their present and future needs.

Why do SMEs prefer ERP SAP?

It is true that this is not the only ERP software that exists, but thousands of SME owners have decided on it. What is the reason? Actually, there are several, from its features to its technical information, everything that the business management system offers makes it the preferred one for SMEs.

For you to realize the usefulness of the SAP Business One ERP system, it is essential that you know its benefits. Let’s start talking about its business functions, SAP B1 has all the ones that are needed in SMEs. By allowing various processes to be carried out in a single application, it is easier to have a global vision of the company.
The functions or characteristics offered by this system for SMEs are the following:

  • Financial management: accounting, cash flow, fixed asset management, banking, reconciliation, financial reports and analysis.

  • Sales and customer management: reports and analysis of sales processes, mobile sales to manage information on the go, management of services, customers, marketing campaigns, sales and opportunities.

  • Control of purchases and inventories: detailed management of purchases, accounts payable, reports, accounting integration and deposits.

What did you think of these features? Without a doubt, it is what a small or medium-sized company needs to achieve its objectives. The best thing is that the ERP system we are talking about has many other features that are just as useful as those already mentioned.

Other reasons why SMBs prefer SAP B1

One of the things that sets SAP Business One apart from any other ERP for SMBs is its stability. The program system is robust and fully consolidated in the business software market. Information is recorded accurately and in real time.

Another great feature of this ERP software is that the information is easy to follow. The above advantage is enjoyed both when analyzing data at a financial level and on a daily operational basis in specific areas of the company.

The last reason why SMBs prefer SAP Business One is its affordability in terms of pricing. In this system you only pay what you need in your daily operations. You get to choose the features to use and the price will be based on that. It does not matter if your company is small or medium, SAP B1 is very useful.

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