The importance of data analysis within a company.

Data science, data mining, data analysis and Big data, to name a few, are terms that we hear more and more in our environment. Which are already part of daily life in the business field. With this two questions arise: What is its meaning? And how can they help us?

Today the amount of data available is immense, 90% of the current data has been generated in the last 10 years, this means that we are experiencing the arrival of the fourth industrial revolution or also known as industry 4.0 and it will intensify even more. control and management of digital information in companies.

la ciencia de los datos

The future growth or the failure of the companies will depend to a large extent on the decisions that are made internally with respect to the information obtained. Therefore, taking action as soon as possible will allow companies to be more competitive and, above all, more efficient when operating.

For the management of information or the analysis of data or Big data, it is essential to have previous training that allows you to know the tools to carry out data analysis and, in turn, to know the scope and limitations of each tool.

análisis de datos SAP

Today there is a wide variety of computational tools that help the analyst in the management and presentation of information. But what is currently sought is that decision makers have a better overview and understand where their company is headed and can make correct decisions, and later, if necessary, take that information to a more advanced analysis.

It is increasingly difficult to make decisions without considering all the factors that lead to a final decision. We know that we are currently experiencing a health crisis, this has shown the world the complexity of making a decision at the right time. In the same way, with this situation we realized that we are facing a problem for which we only have approximate references and it is the experts in the study and analysis of the data who have led the countries to make decisions on a problem that has no a written solution.

This happens in the same way in the industrial field, the place where the company will be located, the product that we will make, the most suitable raw material, the characteristics of our product, the market that we will approach and the means or channels of distribution and sale, These are questions that data analysis can help us solve with the least possible risk.

The decisions of a company only based on experience or recommendations are currently no longer valid, the mathematical and computational models that currently exist can be applied to any situation or business requirement. This helps companies to follow a more accurate path than empirical logic, and we can also predict different scenarios.

It must be clear that the implementation of software in the analysis and management of information or data may involve a risk, for example, for some organizations the investment of data does not always provide value and ephemeral benefits, this raises doubts. many organizations and invest in this alternative. That is why you analyze and look for software that provides greater value in terms of data analysis than the value of your license cost. Immerse yourself in the sea of ​​information to get the best of it and take advantage of it to improve as a company and guarantee its growth.

For this, today we have one of the best ERPs worldwide, SAP Business One, which offers different management modules and provides the necessary bases for data analysis, its interpretation and how to use it in decision-making within a company.


Did you know…?

SAP Business One is designed with maximum flexibility so that as your business evolves, you can adapt and extend the solution.

Here are some solutions:

  • Complete integrated functionalities.
    Transparent and affordable cost structure.
    Automatic updates with the benefits of continuous innovation.
    Ability to extend and deploy new functionality quickly.
    It operates on the SAP HANA® and Microsoft SQL Server platforms.
    Maximum security provided by trusted partners.

It’s time to take action and transform your company with SAP Business One!

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