Take control of your company from any portable device.

Although many classify it as a nightmare, the reality is that the concept of digital transformation is much more than a fad, and it is that thanks to this systematized inclusion of new technological tools along with new techniques that allow improving the way of doing business, they can take enormous steps within the business management of small and medium-sized industries, leveling the game against large corporations.

For this reason, as experts in offering a true ERP solution to evolve the way of managing resources and efficient personnel, on this occasion we analyze some advantages over the use of a multiplatform ERP system, a solution that offers versatility and dynamism to senior management.

ERP system: the solution to control your company at any time.

Among the different tools that have propelled how to do business into the 21st century is the concept of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), which is simply the use of an application that allows easy access to the organization’s logistics information, in a that a wide variety of administrative processes can be managed or supervised, such as:

● Inventory management
● Supply chain projections
● Supplier evaluation
● Sales
● Administration of accounting and finance branches.
● Integration of tax information
● Preparation of reports

The main advantage of this kind of ERP System is that they achieve a unification of the information, in this way both the operational and administrative part can communicate efficiently since thanks to this computer program all those involved have the precise data in time. real.
This centralization of logistics information such as inventories and production orders saves a lot of time in common tasks such as mail or remittances, saving not only office supplies but also the most valuable resource: Time.

On the other hand, the use of an ERP solution restricts access to accounting information to unauthorized personnel, as well as master formulas, among others, adding added value to the confidentiality of the organization in terms of production.

Information mobility: true business management.

While all the advantages of using an ERP system described above are extremely attractive, new systems like SAP Business One have upped the ante thanks to a new digital tool: The use of a cloud server.

And it is that when making important decisions it is not always possible to have the office computer at hand and enter the ERP system, the same happens with sales executives who need to make promises to supply the product during a negotiation where it would be frowned upon a “Give me a few minutes to confirm if I can comply”

This is where this new class of ERP Solution is worth gold: It offers the ability to review and manage information remotely only requiring an internet connection, which in turn offers a privileged strategic position when monitoring internal processes during a trip business or when communicating with customers and suppliers.

Thanks to this use of a server in the cloud, the information also has an encryption protocol, which means that communication with the confidential and important data of the information is kept secure.

On the other hand, the use of SAP Business One favors the automation of processes, since having all the information in a centralized way increases the mobility of business management, it is possible to request sales reports directly at any time, likewise inventory or even costs of raw materials or packaging, as a result it is possible to see the panorama of the organization clearly and to be able to intervene when necessary.

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